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I am a prospective student who wants to grow up to be an old professor with an air of ginger, tea, and good cheese.

I am also a speculative fiction writer and fledgling activist. When these wires get crossed I tend to co-opt the rhetoric of past decades and talk in concentric circles, referencing myself often in an attempt to keep the discussion from impinging upon the prerogative for others to perceive matters differently. Give it a few days and I will start making sense again, at which point I will burble primarily about writing and the media I have consumed.

Insofar as the privilege game goes, I am white, queer, gender-playful, and able-bodied. Feminine and neutral pronouns are both fine.

Subscribe and unsubscribe at will; in the case of mutual subscription, if I have talked to you I will also grant access.

I answer to the names “Trickster”, “Stan”, and “Shan”. Further, I am very shy online. This doesn't mean I don't want to talk or engage in conversation, just that I'm not very good at it.
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